Melbar Care Worker of July - Alvin Chen (陳彥志)

Before returning to Australia, Alvin had experience serving in a residential aged care facility in Taiwan.

“A nurse that I worked with once told me that ‘listening’ and ‘understanding’ were very important in aged care. Everyone comes from a different background and the best way to understand others is to listen and ‘try to put yourself in other’s shoes’. By listening to their stories and experiences, you will bond with them spontaneously.”

Our clients, Mr. and Mrs. Zhang, appreciate Alvin for always being considerate and proactive. Learning their needs of purchasing an electronic device, Alvin took the initiative to research product specifications of different brands,  check the opening hours of shopping malls in the area and provide Mr and Mrs Zhang with constructive advice. 

“Taking elderly to doctors and government departments has impressed me the most since my service here at Melbar. Because of the language and cultural barrier as well as being inexperienced with  procedures, seeing a doctor and visiting government departments have been challenging and burdensome for some of  Chinese elderlies here. Every time when my little effort can give them such relief, I feel so accomplished and happy.”  

We would like to congratulate Alvin on winning the Care Worker of July and encourage him to keep up his excellent work. 

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