Case Manager - Wilson Huang (黄冠华)

Wilson had been studying in the UK before coming to Australia. While he was in the UK, he met a Chinese elder from Hong Kong, Ms Wang, through his brother who was a social worker at the time. Mrs. Wang has lived alone for years. She barely speaksEnglish and often needs a lot of assistance. After Wilson’s brother left the UK, Wilson voluntarily took over the responsibility of taking care of Mrs Wang. He often visited Mr Wang on the weekends, accompanied her to grocery shopping. Wilson and Ms Wang have cultivated a good friendship and now they often greet each other on WeChat.


Out of love and care for the elderly, Wilson became a case manager here at Melbar. In addition to learning more about aged care, Wilson said his biggest gain at Melbar was getting to know how to communicate with the aged community better. He has further learned to empathize – how to stand for the elderly and think about problems and situations in their perspective. “When helping the elderly always put yourself into their shoes. Imagine how you would like people around to treat you when you get old.”


When he first joined Melbar, he helped a client to remove termites from the house. Seeing the positive outcome and hearing positive feedback from the client, Wilson also felt so happy and accomplished. “I am encouraged every time when solving a practical problem for clients and making an actual difference in their life.” says Wilson. 


Wilson is planning to study further in the aged care field (e.g. nutrition, dementia care) and hoping to give more help and advice to improve the health and well-being of the aged group. 

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