Besides daily care and support, Melbar has been actively delivering diverse social support and assistance to our aged community and receiving positive feedback.

We understand that COVID has concerned and hindered the community from accessing social support. In order to continuously address the needs of our community and allow more people to access our social support easily, we have moved our social support services on the ‘cloud’!

Now you can access some of our quality services home, safely, conveniently with our virtual service.

English Learning + Online Translation support

-Basic English Teaching 

You can grasp basic English that can help with your daily living scenarios including shopping, transportation, seeing a doctor, etc. via the online learning experience we provide. We will customize your learning experience to your actual needs and improve your confidence in using English.

-Letter reading and writing & documents filling

Book our virtual service and we will help you to translate and fill out forms and documents

-Online Translation Support 

Need help with English out of home? We are also able to provide you with real-time translation support virtually and remotely.

Leisure activities

Painting workshop, Karaoke, Tai-chi class, mental counselling……Now you can have them all online!

Technology Assistance

You can also access support to troubleshoot your home appliance and digital devices with our virtual service.

You can also have more customised virtual service options upon your needs and requirements

- Simple and Easy Access to our Virtual Services -

Our virtual service can be accessed through WeChat Mini Program, smartphone, tablets, desktops etc and will be delivered through the form of live-streaming. You can choose your preferred device and platform.

No registration or login needed! Only a simple ‘click’ and instantly connect with our dedicated care workers.

Safe, Convenient and Quality

Contact your case manager for more information about our Virtual Service or to arrange your customized service today!



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