Melbar Care Worker of September - Mandy Su (苏秋敏)

Mandy has been in Australia for 7 years. Though she entered the aged care industry not long ago, her skills and her work attitude have been appreciated by a lot of people. 

“During my services,I have come to understand that the elderly are a group that we need to pay special attention to. Some of them need to do some daily tasks when their physical condition does not allow. When helping them within my power, I always feel accomplished.”

One of our clients loves planting vegetables in her backyard. There’s a time when she could not continue gardening because of back pain. Mandy came to help her sowing and watering. “She told me that watching the vegetable garden growing made her day everyday. I am happy that my little favor could help maintain  her pleasure.”

Another memorable experience for Mandy was serving an elderly who had just returned home from the hospital. She was in a bad mood and did not want to eat or drink or go out. “We visited her a few times a week, trying to cheer her up, accompany her to eat, and enlighten her. After two weeks, she finally let us take her out and enjoy the sunshine outdoors. Her family and I were so happy on that day. Seeing her condition getting better day by day, I feel that my hard work has paid off, and it also makes me love my job as a care worker even more.”

Wei, our Service Coordinator praises Mandy for always being ready to learn and active. She quickly adapted to the environment and comprehended skills required. She is responsible and proactive and always keeps a good record of clients’ health conditions, which help us to establish sound health records for our clients . 

We would like to congrat Mandy on winning the Care Worker of September and encourage her to keep up her great work.

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