Online learning has enjoyed great popularity amongst the aged community these days. During the pandemic, many seniors choose to attend activities and courses online to stay active and connected. 

Since Melbar launched our Virtual Service,  many of our clients have received unique online learning experiences tailored to their needs.

"I have trouble using my computer and some other electronic devices at times. Now I can solve all those problems and learn more about tech via my home care package."

—Mrs. Jing, currently using Melbar Virtual Service to improve computer skills and receive technology assistance

Mrs. Jing attends computer classes and learns about producing short clips and digital albums. However, she also needs some further learning around other features such as using web browsers beyond the classes.

“During COVID, I have tentatively suspended on-site services of my home care package. Knowing that Melbar launched their Virtual Service, I showed interest immediately. I think the online technical assistance really matches my needs.” Upon Mrs. Jing’s requirements, our care worker has delivered two online classes of technology assistance via video calls. We have helped her troubleshoot her TV setting error and also showed her how to use web browsers, clean web cache, etc. 

“I am very satisfied with the outcome and the way they deliver the service. Very easy to access and to use. They made the teaching very clear and straightforward and the care worker is greatly patient. He will adjust the teaching speed to my own pace. “

"I don’t have confidence in my English. I feel difficult communicating with others in my daily life. With Melbar's 1:1 online English Class, I have now grasped vocabularies in daily scenarios."

—Mrs. Huo, currently learning English via Melbar Virtual Service

“Virtual Service is convenient. I suffer from a headache when sitting for too long. However, taking online classes at home is comfortable. I can sit on my sofa, and relax. I don’t have to commute, which saves a lot of time and effort.”
After a session of customised English class online, Mrs. Huo has learned many common phrases and vocabularies in scenarios such as shopping and public transport.
“I have enjoyed my learning experience. The care worker will send me some key points after each class so that I can keep memorising vocabulary and review in my free time.”

"The original goal of our Virtual Service is to provide the seniors with more accessible social support, especially during this time. Going along, we realise we can also help them to solve actual problems online. "

—Leo, Virtual Service Care Worker 

“We’ll talk to the client in advance and to learn about their needs and what devices they have. Then, we will create a tailor online learning or  virtual service  plan for them including which platform to use and what to teach.”

“Based on the actual needs and requirements of seniors, Leo’s online classes have been well-received by many clients. “Some clients may have to be repeatedly reminded or cued in order to memorize.  In this case, I will slow down, step by step, keep asking questions to help them to understand better.”

Besides technology, English learning, you can also join 1:1 painting, tai-chi workshops via Melbar Virtual Service.

Contact your case manager for more information and start customizing your online learning!



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