Our free client portal – Conpago is a one-stop platform for you to coordinate services and communicate with us on your smartphone/tablet.

Now your family members/representative can learn more about your home care with a Family Account on Conpago!

With a family account, they can access 4 main features of Conpago as you do on their own device!

Feature 1: Access monthly statements with no delays

You can access all your monthly statements on our client portal

Your latest statement each month is updated on our Client Portal before you receive them in hands!

Feature 2 :Browse our newsletters and service updates

Feature 3:Message your Case Manager and the management team in real time

Besides WeChat and phone calls, you can also contact our team on our Client Portal and make free video calls.

Feature 4: Instant feedback about our services through “My Survey” feature

How to Open a Family Account?

Alternatively, you can send us the designated email address of your family member or representative to your case manager or contact us via  02 9261 1636, we will open and link the family account for you. 

Haven’t downloaded or don’t have an account yet?

Please contact us if you need any help downloading or using our client portal. We will constantly provide you with necessary support alongside your family and your care workers.



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