Our Tuesday Hotline has opened for over a month and we have received many calls from our clients and their families/representatives. 

Mr Chen

Q:Why did you call Tuesday Hotline

A:“My wife and I got some questions about reimbursement.”

Q:Have your questions or needs been answered or met?

A:“ Yes. The senior case manager followed up on our reimbursement right away on the phone.”

Q: Are you satisfied with your experience with Tuesday Hotline?

A:“Yes. It was very helpful!“

Mrs. Huang , Representative 

Q: Why did you call Tuesday Hotline? 

A: “I had some feedback that might need to discuss with the management team so I called Tuesday Hotline. They also answered my other questions about public housing. They were very patient. ”

Q: Have your questions or needs been answered or met?

A: “Yes. They responded to my request promptly.“

Q: How would you rate your experience with Tuesday Hotline?

A: “10 out of 10!“

Speak to our Senior Case Manager for any queries or feedback!

Every Tuesday (exld. Public Holidays) 

9:30 am – 4:30 pm 

Chinese 02 9261 1636 

English 0416 087 899

Click here to learn more about our Tuesday Hotline



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