Melbar Care Worker of October - Jue Yao(姚珏)

Jue joined Melbar as a care worker last year. Coming from a nursing background, her positive attitude and professional service have won kind words and compliments from many clients 

When delivering services, Jue also pays a lot of attention and efforts to seniors’ mental health.

“Communication is the key to establish a good relationship with clients. Also, I will study the interests and hobbies of the seniors. For example, I have some clients who like gardening and I will accompany them to plant some flowers and trees. In home care, we should not only provide services that meet the basic needs of the seniors but also make sure they live in a good environment that benefits their mental health so that they can enjoy their life at home with joy and fun.”

Jue is also skilled at making Shanghainese food and desserts. In addition, she is also experienced in providing professional support to clients with chronic pain. “To help seniors and to meet their needs as much as possible is what I am looking to achieve all the time.”

We would like to congrat Jue on winning the Care Worker of October. We believe her professionalism and commitment have encouraged many of us to deliver more quality care and services.

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