Fred Cloos, General Manager

“I’ve always been mindful and sensitive to people’s needs and the needs of the community and Australia is where I saw a chance to be part of the special contributions to the community.”

Born and raised in North Carolina, U.S., Fred was attracted by the diversity in the Australian community. Having a passion in supporting others, Fred launched his career in the aged care and community support sector in Australia. “I saw the promise in the community here and I was ready to contribute and achieve a certain level of personal and professional fulfillment.”

Continue to Give Back At Melbar

“When I got to know the community in Melbar, I realised something we have in common, that is both Melbar and myself continue to give back.” Having had sufficient experience in management in aged care, Fred joined Melbar to continue to fulfill his passion and to give back. “The other thing that I clicked with was the commitment shown and shared by the community – the employees, the intake team, the clients, and their next of kins… Commitment and responsiveness had cultivated a lot of good relationships. I was amazed and encouraged by how everyone at different levels bonded together and shared that level of commitment to care and love.”

Supporting and committing to diversity, Fred is also welcomed by the diverse culture and people at Melbar. “A majority of our clients are from a Chinese background and I did take some time to learn to communicate and connect with them. Learning about culture and people will never be overnight. However, as the learning progresses, I am enlightened by the community as well, especially when realising that caring for seniors and supporting others have always been important values in the Chinese community.”

“Always be Innovative”

Continuous innovation is what Fred manages to lead Melbar to achieve. “We are not driving how the community lives but the community decides how we serve them. Consumer-directed care is what we’ve been implementing and this requires us to always be innovative.”  People’s lives are constantly changing and so are their needs. Melbar is committing time and resources to constantly innovate and make sure the services delivered suit the changing needs.

“Moving a company is not easy, however, we have made innovation part of our daily routine and got everyone on the same page. For example, during the pandemic, the team quickly identified some new needs from clients and we responded promptly with the launch of our virtual service.”

“‘We’ll do everything to innovate and address the changing needs of the community’. This sounds like a bold claim but we are responsive and committed for the good of the community.”

“Do What We Say We Will Do”

Another goal that Fred is working to achieve is to expand the influence of Melbar. “We are not only aiming at influencing our own community but also other businesses. We are looking to become the benchmark in the industry and build partnerships with the local government and other companies to advocate and achieve better benefits for the community.”

“A lot of people make promises, they know the right things to say – what they pitch is just what people want to hear at that moment of time. At Melbar, we make what we promise part of the rules and processes of what we do every single day, like innovation. We are constantly creating a profile of what we have promised and have achieved and eventually they will turn into our influence.”

“Investing in Better Leaders for Better Tomorrow.”

Cultivating leaders that understand aged care and the community is also a prominent part of Melbar’s vision. “We spent the last years developing leaders in aged care for the Chinese community. However, a shortage can still be seen in this area. As the Chinese community in Australia is looking for more quality aged care, they need more leaders and talents that understand both aged care and the culture. At Melbar, we are constantly investing in better leaders for better tomorrow.”

“From my perspective of a General Manager, seeing the ‘light bulb’ switch on for people in my team is really rewarding. In that light bulb moment, I can feel people I work with share the same sense of mission and commitment. We are seeing some new leaders rising and that’s a great acknowledgment to both Melbar and myself.”

“I am proud of everyone here at Melbar and I want them to be proud of themselves. I have faith in them as well as the community. We are not perfect but we are constantly supporting each other and trusting each other. We will work together to build greater influence.”

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