Do you know that

1. Your service hours each week are not fixed

You can adjust your service hours upon your needs and requests. For example, you can organise your hours to get a short trip to the outskirts or you can arrange some hours to online classes or other online services via Melbar Virtual Service.

2. You can have more than 1 care workers to provide services at the same time

At the end of the year, you might want to have a thorough spring clean, install some festive decorations, or need assistance in preparing a family feast. Arranging multiple care workers for support and services can be an option to save effort and time.

3. You can discuss year-end service arrangements with us at any time

So that we can plan your end-of-year home care early, and give you the best suggestions.

The holiday season is approaching, and we are launching a series of special ad-hoc services for you!

When thinking of cancelling or adjusting your services at the end of the year, you can choose to arrange and organise your service hours flexibly and get more ad-hoc services to meet your needs!

“At the end of last year, my daughter was coming back to Australia with her family. We also planned a holiday trip, so we didn’t need care workers to provide on-site services at that time. However, we realised that we could use our home care services in advance. We had two care workers to assist us in cleaning the whole house and also got their help to prepare a family dinner. This arrangement really helped us a lot!”

——Mr.& Mrs. Xu, with level 2 Packages

“I got an appointment with a doctor, and I had to cancel my home care service for the week. On the advice of the case manager, I merged the hours of the week into the next, and then I could have enough service for a road trip to the Blue Mountains.” 

——Ms Zhou, with a level 1 package

We are always here to meet your home care needs!

You can contact your case manager or service coordinator to learn more about how to use your HCP flexibly!



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