At Melbar, we have been constantly training our team to improve the quality of service and to better address the home care needs of our clients.

On 30 October, our case management team went on a field trip to one of our long-term partnered equipment suppliers.

Wilson, Case Manager

“Through this field trip, I realized that there are many choices of equipment available to  the home care environment now. For example, I saw different types of scooters – in addition to the common outdoor scooters, there are also compact and smart options for indoor use. I also saw specially designed chairs and sofas to help reduce the pressure on the legs and hips of the seniors and prevent bruises. I was also impressed by many innovative hoists that can further reduce potential safety hazards for both the seniors and care workers during manual handling.”

“In one of my past home visits, I saw a client having difficulty wearing socks and shoes on their own. During this field trip, I found a small gadget that can assist with putting on shoes and socks. I am very excited and can’t wait to recommend it to the client. 

“Having hands-on experience using some products during this field trip allowed me to better understand the home care equipment the seniors might need and to better empathize with them.”

Shiyi, Case Manager

“Home care equipment is so user-friendly and smart these days. When advising and helping the seniors, I know I can provide them with more choices. I have seen the professional nursing beds that were only available in hospitals before, and now you can have them at home and they look exactly the same as usuals beds in most households. The constant updates and innovation of this equipment can really help the seniors to receive care at home more comfortably.”

“I also learned about a device that can help the aged with arthritis or internal rheumatism to do tasks such as pouring water more easily. These small devices have inspired me to mind details in life and identify more potential needs of clients.”

“After this field trip, I have a better understanding of home care equipment. Now I have a clearer picture of what the seniors might need and when coordinating the purchases of equipment for clients in the future, I can give them more information and recommendations.”



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