The end of the year is approaching, and we have listed some of the services you might need!

Checklist 1:  Connect with Your Family and Friends

1 Make video calls with your long-distance family & friends

Want to greet and chat face-to-face with family and friends far away?

Melbar is always here to help you make better use of technology.  

Our care workers can help you install relevant applications on your smartphone/tablet and teach you how to make video and audio calls! We can also assist you to make the call right away!

2 Pay a visit in person



Our Care Workers can provide you with safe and comfortable transport support and company.

3 Letters & Gifts

We can assist you in composing and posting letters and cards. 

Our care worker team is also good at brainstorming gift ideas with you as well as gift wrapping!

We are always here to meet your home care needs!

You can contact your case manager or service coordinator to arrange services or to discuss your EOY service plan!



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