Many seniors have received some special online service experience since the launch of Melbar Virtual Service.

Now, besides our standard Virtual Service, you can choose our Short Service!

Shorter Time, Quicker Response to Your Immediate Needs!

What is Short Service?

Different to the standard virtual service,

Short Service starts from 30 mins.

Connect with our care workers via phone or video calls immediately.

Flexible and convenient.

Why do I need Short Service?

Language Support

Need to fill out forms in English?

Need help with Manuals in English ?

Struggle with talking to others in English ?

Contact us and get language support right away!

Technology Support

Got errors using your TV?

Have difficulties setting up your smartphones/tablets?

Short Service helps you to troubleshoot immediately.

If you have any other needs that can be met via our online Short Service, please contact us as well!

How to get a Short Service?

Contact your Case Manager or Service Coordinator, tell us your needs and we will arrange a care worker to support you soon!



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