Melbar Care Worker of Novemeber - Aimee Qi (齐芸)

Aimee had the experience working as a flight attendant before she came to Australia. “I think aged care is similar to other service industries, where care, patience, and sincerity are required. When delivering services to the seniors, I treat them as my family, I feel for them, and they will also respond with warmth and kindness. ”

“Many of these seniors, their children and family are not here, so they often feel lonely. Besides giving them sufficient attention and company, I also try my best to make their life home more fun and happy. For example, I will accompany them to enjoy different hobbies or take them out for a short trip, or spice up a bit when preparing meals for them and get them to try something different.”

“Sometimes, what we take for granted in life can be very challenging and difficult for the seniors here in the community, especially when they have to see a doctor but cannot articulate themselves in English. In these cases, it means a lot to me when I can be there to help. Seeing how happy the seniors are living with enough support likewise independence, I feel the same amount of happiness as well. ”

Aimee is also good at making Chinese pastry and bakery. She is also equipped with advanced first aid and emergency response skills. Her exceptional services have won the hearts of many clients.

We would like to congrat Aimme on winning the Care Worker of the Month and encourage her to keep up her great work.

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