The end of the year is approaching, and we have listed some of the services you might need!

Checklist 4:  In-Home Respite Care

Many families may have started planning their holiday trips.

However, you might be concerned about taking a vacation and leaving elderly parents home?

With our In-home Respite Care service, primary carers in families can enjoy their holiday travel, and the seniors can be taken good care of at home.

What is In-Home Respite Care?

In-Home Respite Care gives carers access to some downtime and a break from their everyday role so they can attend personal lives and look after themselves for a certain amount of time. 

With In-Home Respite Care, carers are able to temporarily step away from their important carer responsibilities, enjoy their holiday better while having the peace of mind that their loved one is safe with a qualified care worker. 


” I have been taking care of my mother at home for many years, and I didn’t have much time to travel. A while ago, my friends invited me on a trip with them but thinking about my mother I had to refuse. After learning about the In-Home Respite Care, I arranged a service for my mother, and I eventually made it to the trip. Care workers looked after my mother very well when I was away. I am glad that respite care can help caregivers and their families.”

——Mrs. Shen, Daughter of a Level 4 Client

In-home respite care gives care recipients the time and space to do things independently

With In-Home Respite Care, the seniors can also go out and enjoy more social interactions with our care workers. 

We can also take the seniors out for short trips and organise more special and fun experience for them 

How to arrange your In-Home Respite Care Service

If you are the primary carer and have travel planned for the holiday, contact us and we will discuss the best in-home respite care plan with you. Our In-home Respite Care service can be one-off or regularly scheduled. It is also available overnight or upon your needs.
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We are always here to meet your home care needs!

You can contact your case manager or service coordinator to arrange services or to discuss your EOY service plan!



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