You, your family or your representative can send us feedback and suggestions through many different channels.

1. You can give us your feedback through your case manger, service coordinator, care worker or intake manager directly.

You can tell us your feedback via phone call,  text message, or WeChat message.  You can also dial our Tuesday Hotline and speak to the management team directly.

2. Email

Send your feedback to or

3. Compliments & Complaints Form

There is one Compliment & Complaints Form attached to your Welcome Pack. 

We will post the form to you every quarter as well.

4. Website

You can leave feedback to us online via our “Contact Us” page.


5.Client Portal (Conpago)

We will send you an online feedback survey every quarter. 

How we process and respond 

Positive Feedback and Compliments:

Your written compliments and positive feedback will be archived and sent to the relevant personnel. They will be published internally and become an important parameter for employee assessment and the selection of Care Worker of the Month. 

Suggestions or Complaints:

We will also archive your suggestions and complaints. The management team will contact you and follow up with your feedback in 14 days. 

We are continuously improving and your feedback and suggestions are valuable to us. Looking forward to your feedback and suggestions.



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