During COVID, you might need to pay attention to or consider the following when managing your home care services.

1. Temporary Leave 

We understand that you and your family may want to temporarily suspended your home care services on account of safety and health concerns. Please be reminded that Government will reduce your HCP subsidy for any leave that you take from your package exceeding 28 days and improper use of HCP funding and inactivity is required to be reported to the Government. d improper use of HCP funding and inactivity is required to be reported to the Government. 

2. Choose Melbar Virtual Service to continue receive home care

If you have to suspend your services and are uncertain about resuming your services shortly, you can choose to receive care and support via Melbar Virtual Service. Our Virtual Service provides you with many service options, including English learning, technology assistance and more customized social support. A 1-to-2-hour virtual service session each week can also continue your regular home care subsidy from the government.

3. Protecting your health and well-being has always been our top priority.

According to the Department of Health, it’s okay to continue your home care services as usual during COVID. As the Category 3 Infection Control measures remain in place at Melbar, we will continuously ensure our staff to practice good personal hygiene and prepare different measures and PPEs for them, especially when delivering services. At the same time, we have been closely monitoring our staff who visits hotspots recently. We have also established an effective reporting system to ensure your and our staff’s safety.

We appreciate your continuous trust and support, and we believe we can work together and get through this together. Melbar has been continuously improving in order to provide you with safe and quality services. 

If you have any questions or concerns using your home care services during COVID or need more advice and support, please contact your case manager or service coordinator.



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