Melbar Care Worker of January - Jiaping Shen(沈家平)

Shen Jiaping came to Australia 3 years ago and he used to work in the banking industry in China.Learning the increasing demand for aged care in Australia, he decided to study aged care and now has two years of aged care experience. “I think I am capable of doing aged care and I have always had the idea of serving the community, so I entered this industry. I have served seniors from different cultural backgrounds. Coming to Melbar, my own cultural background has also helped address the needs of the Chinese community here better.”

When talking about how to provide quality services to the community, Jiaping summarized his takeaways in 5 points.

”The first is passion, this is an important premise. I believe that happiness is a reciprocal thing – when you bring happiness to others, you receive happiness as well. Second, it’s about assiduousness. In aged care, sometimes we will face some poor hygiene conditions. For example, some seniors with cognitive impairments may not pay attention to their own hygiene, and you need to overcome the difficulties to help them change inside and out. However, when you see their happy faces afterwards, you will feel accomplished. The third point is to be patient and always listen to the needs of the seniors. Even if they have unclear expressions, you have to figure it out so that you can truly understand their needs and do well. The fourth point is to keep learning. The seniors have various experiences, knowledge and skills. I learned a lot from them. For example, a senior taught me how to make rice dumplings. I will also learn from our other care workers in Melbar, and I always improve my skills in cooking on the Internet or watching Youtube videos in my spare time.  Last but not least, is to put what we have learned and understood into practice, and bring high-quality services to the seniors.”

“Besides, I think that the sense of responsibility is also very important-especially when it comes to safety issues, we have to be more careful. A client I serve, who is from Malaysia, likes going out very much. Though being physically inconvenienced, he doesn’t like to be supported while walking. When we go out, I always walk on the outside of him, close to the side of the road; at the same time, I always pay attention to keeping a distance of no more than 50 cm from him.”

“When getting along with the seniors, I felt a lot of warmth as well. For example, I went on short trips with the same client of Malaysian background several times. Although I always brought my own food, he would insist that I should eat with him. Treat the clients sincerely, and they will treat you in the same way and respect you.”

Since joining Melbar, Jiaping has been highly cooperative with work arrangements, his working hours are of high standards. He has received many compliments and no complaints. He likes cooking and is good at making Shanghainese cuisine, Chinese bakery and pastry. He is also skilled at garden and yard maintenance, household maintenance and modifications. 

“Melbar is a big family. My work and life have been very jobful since joining Melbar. As the business grows, the care worker team is constantly improving. I believe we can definitely contribute more to Australia’s aged community .”

We would like to congrats Jiaping on winning the Care Worker of the Month and thank him for sharing his experience with us. We sincerely hope that he can gain more happiness and joy at Melbar!

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