“Building a better bond between the Chinese Aged Community and the Australian Society” —— Roni Ng, Case Manager

“As a case manager at Melbar, it is my mission to help the Chinese aged community here to better understand Australia’s welfare, policies, medical resources, and to find suitable services for them, as well as to inform them with useful information.”

Entering the Aged Care Industry

Roni is from Hong Kong and has resided in Australia for over 10 years. He studied Integrated Geography at uni. Before entering the aged care industry, he worked for a medical insurance company.

“When I was doing that insurance job, I was in contact with many seniors. They may not be able to obtain much information on their own due to language or other reasons. For example, they didn’t know how to access service online and I often provided help to them. Ever since then,  I have been paying attention to the Chinese aged community here. “

He was also influenced by his mother, who worked in palliative care and aged care back in Hong Kong. “I learned a lot of stories about the aged groups from my mother, both sad and happy stories. I heard the experiences of them and felt their difficulties in life. I felt inspired to work for the aged community, and people around me always said that I was patient and kind to the seniors. So, I started to study social work and case management, and then I came to Melbar and started devoting myself to home care.”

”Caring the seniors just like caring for my own parents“

“After I really entered aged care, I realised that the seniors have more difficulties in their lives than imagined. In addition to linguistic and cultural barriers, I feel that many seniors are sometimes afraid to ask for help from others. They are worried about bothering their children as well. Some people in the Chinese aged community here must have experienced a lot of hardship compared to their peers coming from a different background.”

Roni’s parents are not here in Australia.  He mentions that when contacting with some seniors,  chatting with and helping them is like getting along with his own parents. “When taking care of the seniors here, I always have this belief that when my own parents need help, there will be people who care for them like what I am doing.”

Building a better bond between the Chinese Aged Community and the Australian Society

“Since I became a case manager, I always feel fulfilled when I can help the seniors to understand and accept services and support that they didn’t know or accept, and bring substantial improvements to their home care. For example, some seniors were hesitant with dietitian services. In their view and culture, this is not the thing they will try. After my explanation and recommendation, they gave it a try and were very happy with it. I had another client who got a physiotherapist to help him make an exercise plan at home, under my advice, so that he could keep doing exercise home during COVID and keep his body active. That was the first time the client had used physio service in his life.”

“I think that as a case manager who comes from a Chinese background and is familiar with the Australian culture and welfare policies, and medical system, I am building a better bond or bridge, connecting the seniors and the society here and getting them suitable and sufficient help and support.”

Roni believes that case management is a long-term work. It is necessary to establish a common goal with the seniors and work with them to meet their care goals and needs. “This long-term relationship and common goals are very important to both the case manager and the seniors. We are all working together towards the delivery of better home care.”

“To me, my current goal is to continue to learn, to further my skills and knowledge, and to provide better services. In the long term, once I accumulate enough experience, I would like to have more impact on policymaking in the home care system. I hope that I can be an outstanding aged care practitioner and seek more benefits for the aged groups, especially those from multicultural backgrounds. I would like to build the bond between the government and the needs of the seniors, that can allow more people to have better care at home independently and happily.”

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