We will be welcoming the Lunar New Year (Spring Festival) in two weeks (Feb 12, Friday)!

Have you thought about how to celebrate this Lunar New Year?

Melbar as the leading company that provides quality care and service to the Chinese community in Australia, we understand your needs around the Lunar New Year. We have some special services ready for you to help you make the most of this Lunar New Year!

1. Spring Cleaning
Spring cleaning is a necessary custom of the Lunar New Year. If the regular cleaning service you are already having dose not address your need, you can arrange multiple care workers at once to help with the spring cleaning!
Our care workers are also specialised in storage and organisation, which can help make your home environment more neat and tidy for the new year.
You can also access professional cleaning services such as range hood cleaning and carpet cleaning via our trusted third parties. 

2. Festive food 

Festive food is an important part of the Lunar New Year. Besides dumpling, wonton, spring rolls, our care workers can help your prepare even more! 

(Images collected from our care workers)

The Lunar New Year’s Eve dinner is all about the best food for family and friends.  You can also have our meal preparation service to help present the perfect feast.
Click here to see the skill showcase of our care workers on festive food.

3. Decoration and Festive Goods Purchase 

What are your thoughts on decorations for this Lunar New Year?
We can assist you in purchasing festive decorations and goods. We also have experienced care workers that can help you put up couplets and ‘Fu'(福). 

Are you ready for this Lunar New Year?

Please contact us to arrange services and plan ahead your service plan for this Lunar New Year,


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