At Melbar, each client has a 1:1 dedicated Case Manager.

We have introduced you with  the 4 main responsibilities of case managers in your home care, and explained Case Mangers’ vital role in needs assessment and home care monitoring:

Today, we will touch upon how Case Managers can provide information, welfare and advocacy support to the seniors and their families.  

1. Case Managers Help You Better Understand Government Policies and Information

Sometimes, it might take a lot of efforts of the seniors to understand the home care policies. Their families might not have a thorough understanding of the aged care system and can provide limited support.  Your Case Manager is the go-to-person for any confusions or queries regarding your home care. You can access the latest policies information from your Case Manager including latest subsidies amount, extra supplement info, etc.  Your Case Manager will also update you with the relevant new policies and discuss with you proactively to address changes in your home care planning. 

2. Case Managers Give You Extra Welfare and Advocacy Support 

Besides welfare related to home care, your Case Manager can also provide support, information and advice regarding other social welfare, which can help you enjoy your home care life with more comfort. Our Case Management team has knowledge and experience in social work, and are capable of assisting you to apply for other supplements or support form the government.
If your rights or safety have been violated or threatened – e.g., you are receiving unfair treatment, or suffering from domestic violence, please contact your Case Manager. We are here to support and direct you to other social organisations to protect your rights and safety.

Case Managers provide information, welfare and advocacy support to the seniors and their families.  We help you to understand the policy and information clearly and easily, and we are always here to help you access other social welfare and advocacy supports.

What else can Case Management at Melbar bring to you?

24/7 On-Call Support

Melbar provides you with a 24/7 emergency support service. If you have any urgent needs or requests, you can contact us at any time.

A professional and diverse background, address your needs on various aspects.

Our case management team comes from social work, medical, and other backgrounds and is equipped with professional qualifications. For example, the registered nurse in the team can answer and address your health concerns.

We assess and evaluate but you always make the choice

Your independence is what we value most and the case management team puts your needs and willingness first. In home care, clients have all sorts of different goals and needs. We listen, evaluate and discuss with you to provide you with the best customised services and support.



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