Michelle Li, has been with Melbar for nearly a year now. Before entering the aged care industry, she had experience working in the beauty industry. “My friends told me about some aged care courses and, at the time, I thought having skill could better help me take care of my aging parents, so I decided to study this field. Because of my interests in the industry, I had the chance to get in touch with Melbar and start a career in aged care. “

“One of my first clients/experience as a care worker, left an impression on me. The elderly I was looking after, unfortunately had developed a tumour. At first, I was able to take care of him at home but later he needed to be hospitalized.  I would go to the hospital and take care of him, until he passed away. In those few months, I developed such a close relationship with the senior and his family. He was always optimistic and positive, even though he was going through a difficult time. This experience touched me very much, I could help seniors and their family during these times by giving them support and strength. After that experience, I became more determined to continue my work in the industry.”

“In the beginning of my aged care career, I thought of it as more of a job, but later on, I realized it is much more than just a job, it’s a career of ‘love’. Many of the senior clients do not have their family and children around their reduced mobility and language barrier can lead to difficulties in daily life. As care workers, we aim to create a positive impact on their lives”

Michelle believes that to be a good care worker you need these three qualities. “The first is to be sensitive to your environment and observant in order to know the elderly’s needs. The second is to be a good communicator and establish a good relationship. The third, the most important, is patience and perseverance. I take care of a 90-year-old with cognitive impairment and every time before taking a bath, I need to patiently persuade him for half an hour or sometimes even more. Building trust and establishing relationships takes a long time, every encounter helps me to further understand his character and temper. I feel a sense of achievement and rewarded for my effort every time I help him with the bath. His wife is happy to have some help with the housework”

In addition to bathing the seniors, Michelle is also great at counselling. She often drives with the seniors on trips, and gained a lot of trust and praise from her clients. “I am a cheerful person so the elders love to chat with me. Most of the time, when the service is over, the elders are reluctant to say bye to me. I enjoy working in aged care – helping the seniors solve issues they may face. We get so much happiness from successfully overcoming every new challenge and problem. I have learned so much from developing and building these relationships as well”

 We are here to congratulate Michelle on winning the Care Worker of the Month. We also hope that she can continue to bring positivity to the lives of seniors and people around her.


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