In order to provide quality aged care services, the Melbar team consistently works with industry experts. These training workshops help expand the knowledge and skills we required to better support the Melbar community.

January 29th 

The case management team visited Australia’s leading equipment suppliers to investigate and learn about cutting-edge technology which can help the seniors improve life at home.

February 1st

We invited an occupational therapist to conduct online training for our team. 

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After learning more about occupational therapy, case managers are able to make suggestions to help the senior to help them improve and manage their health issues such as arthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular and other diseases of the elderly.

February 9th 

Melbar invited a podiatrist to the office to train our case managers on how tailor-made shoe insoles can help provide arch support and prevent various foot diseases to our seniors 


February 16th

Traditional Chinese medicine has always been one of the most preferred and trusted services by Melbar seniors. To better support our seniors, we invited Dr. Xu, a professional doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, associate professor at the Guangzhou University of traditional Chinese medicine, and a lecturer of Sydney College of traditional Chinese medicine. He explained the about viscera, meridians, internal/external treatment, and traditional Chinese medicine to the case manager team.


In the new year, we will continue to train the team in order to provide even better care through practical and comprehensive support to home care!


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