Respect, Care and Dignity – Government commits to historic reform to deliver Respect and Care for Senior Australians

The Royal Commission into aged care quality and safety released its final report on March 1 after conducting a two-year long survey on the aged care sector in Australia, it put forward 148 suggestions for the aged care system in Australia. The Australian federal government responded quickly to the final report and promised to add a $452 million to continue to promote aged care reforms.

So what reforms are there to improve home care?

1. Home care without waiting

Reduced waiting time for home care package approval. More and more seniors will be able to quickly obtain government funding for home-based care services.

2. Stronger Regulator

The government will further strengthen the supervision of aged cared service providers, increase the punishment of providers do not reach the standards, and cancel the service qualification of non-conforming institutions.

3. Star rating system for staffing

The government will take a series of measures to improve the quality, the pay and the number of the aged care workforce. An introduction of a star rating system, increased wages, and more training opportunities, can ensure better tailored aged care services.

4. Consumer control and rights

Seniors have the right to make their own care decisions and the rights are enforced to protect those receiving aged care. 

5. Transparency 

Make information access on providers easier for seniors and their families to make informed decisions. 

The Prime Minister 

“Ultimately I called this Royal Commission as one of my first acts because I believe we owe a duty of care to every older Australian to ensure they have respect and quality care.This report provides an honest assessment and an important road map to deliver still greater respect and care for our older Australians. As a nation we commit to further honouring our elders and giving them respect and care.”

Melbar will continue to focus on the Australian aged care sector reforms with you . The final report shows that the government and community have been paying close attention to the aged care. This means that home care providers, such as Melbar can continue to improve, to ensure everyone gets the best quality and safest service.



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