“I came here for my daughter who had been living in Australia. While working and studying English, I came across some Chinese seniors living here, and I could feel some of the challenges they faced and unmet needs in their lives. So, I decided to go into the aged care industry to better help them.” And now, Baolin Li has been with Melbar for over 8 months.

Since becoming a care worker, Baolin has always focused on helping seniors maintain their independence. “Most of the time, I think about it from my own perspective, because it can help the seniors enjoy a more dignified and independent life.” Baolin encourages the seniors to do what they can.

“I had a client who, at the beginning of his service, was unable to take care of himself on his own. I slowly started encouraging him to try to do some basic things around the house – such as opening the window and basking in the sun. Because I was only able to come three times a week, I explained to him that when I was not around, I wanted him to create a comfortable living environment for himself, to keep his body and mind active.” Nowadays, the client is able to do some small housework chores on his own, and both the client and his wife are very grateful for the support and encouragement Baolin gave to them.

“I think it takes a lot of love and patience to be a care worker. This career requires constant effort, and you will need to face a variety of challenges along the way. However, the job is so meaningful; by taking care of the seniors so that they can live independently at home, I feel fulfilled and happy every day working as a care worker.” Baolin loves to cook and has received a lot of praise from his clients for his cooking skill, especially for northern Chinese cuisine. “I will make adjustments to my dishes according to the client’s taste and palate.” Baolin is also very responsible and hardworking. With every new client, he performs a test drive before the service to make sure he can arrive on time.

We are here to congratulate Baolin Li on winning Care Worker of the Month. We acknowledge his enthusiasm and responsible attitude towards home care and we hope he can help more seniors enjoy independence in their life.

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