Unlike assistant nurses or enrolled nurses, registered nurses (RN) are qualified and authorized by the government to carry out nursing work. In order to become a registered nurse in Australia, the individual must have a bachelor’s degree in nursing from an Australian institute, and have work experience at a hospital.

In addition to the regular Melbar services (professional care worker services and case management services) we can also provide you with professional registered nurse assessments.

What is a registered nurse assessment?

The registered nurse assessment for home care generally is split into two parts:

  1.  The Home Visit

After making the appointment, the RN will give an onsite (home) service and assessment. The comprehensive assessment will be on the client’s cognitive and behavioral status (including history of diabetes, medical history, mental health status, etc.), which usually takes 1-2 hours to complete.

  1. The Evaluation, Report and Coordination of Follow-up Services

The RN will issue an evaluation report based on findings, after completing the on-site assessment. It summarizes the client’s physical condition, existing health risks, professional medical services recommendations (such as PT or OT), and changes towards the client’s home environment. The RN will then explain the assessment results to the client, the client’s care worker and the client’s case manager. The case manager will make adjustments and improvements to the client’s care plan accordingly, inform the client’s care worker of matters that need to be addressed, i.e. follow-up services, then coordinate and contact the relevant medical services.

What is the difference between the registered nurse assessment and the case manager care plan assessment?

Case managers conduct a regular assessment for the clients where as the RN conducts a comprehensive assessment that leads to health recommendations and suggestions from the perspective of medical professionals.

The RN assessment and the case manager’s care plan assessment are complementary to each other.

RN assessments can help the case manager better understand your health status and improve your care plan. Our case managers suggest carrying out the RN assessments relatively regularly, in order to manage health risks in time and help you enjoy life at home.

The available government subsidies based on your registered nurse assessment and referral 

Professional RN assessment can help you obtain more home care government subsidies, such as Dementia and Cognition Supplement, Enteral Feeding Supplement and Oxygen Supplement and more, because can provide you with an official medical referral from a healthcare professional.

If you want to learn more about RN assessments, or want to make an appointment for a RN assessment, please contact your case manager.



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