MELBAR Upgrades the Equipment Purchasing Process

Melbar worked alongside Australia’s leading senior equipment supplier to create a dedicated online portal for the team. The new online portal helps our case managers optimize the purchasing process and find the most appropriate equipment for the clients. At the same time, it gives the clients access to free equipment trials, by allowing the clients to test out the equipment at home or in the showrooms before making a final decision on improving their home care life.

Dementia Training and Forum

On March 24, Dementia Australia provided our case managers with dementia training. The training showed the case manager the latest preventative measures and mental health exercises to help our clients reduce the risk of dementia.  Our case managers will provide the clients with more information on the prevention and management of dementia. while, motivating the seniors to implement these exercises into their daily routine.

Introducing a New Digital Management Platform

Melbar has introduced and trained its team on Amazon’s latest digital work management platform.  The new management platform is especially customized for Melbar’s home care services and it can further improve team notes, optimize team management, information communication, and help us achieve our goals of providing the best quality service to each and every client.


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