Angell Chen worked in the customer service and retail industry before staring her career in aged care. “I have always had a soft spot for seniors; in my previous job, I interacted with many of them. I have always enjoyed chatting with them and helping them out. Once I learned more about Australia’s aged care sector, I decided to study for my aged care certification. I felt that it would be a good industry for my passion and so I joined Melbar as soon as I qualified. “

Angell Chen has always been a rational person, and at the beginning of her work, she held a strict professional work attitude when interacting with seniors. Soon after becoming friends with all the seniors, she began to slowly relax and open up. She discovered that aged care jobs help people to enjoy real emotions, and the friendly interactions with the seniors makes her feel like family. “My parents aren’t in Australia and the seniors often care about my well-being, which makes me feel like they are my own parents. Whenever I show up for services, they ask, how was your day yesterday? Have you been feeling tired recently?  —— I can tell they care about me from the bottom of their heart, it motivates me to do more and help them as much as I can.”

“The clients can see the effort we put in, and when I have services, I think of myself as their daughter and treat clients as if they were my parents. If you care and work from your heart, they will treat you like family. Sometimes, when the seniors struggle to communicate problems with their children, they come to me for help and ideas on how to better communicate. I feel extremely happy when they trust and ask me for advice. ”

Currently, Angell Chen’s career goal is to make every service the best possible one. “I often learn from my fellow workers on how I can improve and more perfectly deal with problems or difficulties that occur.” 

We are here to congratulate Angell Chen on winning Care Worker of the Month. We are grateful for sharing her experiences and feelings working as a care worker with us. Her sincerity moved us and we believe that bringing Angell’s amount of love and care into the services makes a huge difference in our seniors’ home care life.

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