Michelle Li moved to Australia almost 25 years ago. Before entering the aged care industry, she worked as an accountant and a cashier. “I have always wanted to help people and before my friend suggested going into aged care, I studied disability support care. I decided to join Melbar because I love being able to help out seniors in my community, who may need additional care from care workers of a similar cultural and linguistic background. Since I understand and relate to them, I am able to provide the clients with more mental and emotional support.”

During her time as a care worker, Li has encountered many seniors and was moved by their tenacity and enthusiasm. “One of my clients had a serious car accident around 20 years ago, and most of the time needs to rely on a wheelchair. However, she’s tough and determined – she goes downstairs every morning to exercise and practice standing and walking. The recovery process is challenging, sometimes it is painful for her but she’s not discouraged and never gives up. Mundane things we take for granted, such as wearing a coat, can be a big step for her and even if I’m by her side, she would insist on trying to do it on her own. She always insists on facing the challenges, and I have learned a lot from her. I will never forget experiences like this, when I look back on my time as a care worker “

Li believes that being a great care worker not only requires patience and loving, but also good observation skills. Pay attention and notice small things such as changes in their mood, mobility and appetite. “I care about the diet and health of my clients. I am good at making Sichuan cuisine and vegetarian food. The clients love the food because I adjust to their taste and like to make new dishes for them to try. As long as they enjoy it, I am happy. Sometimes the clients do not have a great appetite, so they often have a lot of leftovers, which they then divide into several meals. When I see this I encourage them to eat fresh food. I tell them I can make them something fresh and new every meal. I want them to stay healthy and not to get sick of having the same dishes everyday.”

“For some of our senior clients, we are the ones who interact with them the most, which means we need to pay attention to the changes. Every time I start a service, I ask them how they are, how they feel, how their appetite is. I feel close to all my clients and they always treat me like family so I want to do the best that I can for them.”

We are here to congratulate Michelle Li on winning Care Worker of the Month. We are grateful for sharing her experiences and feelings working as a care worker with us and what she had learnt. Her sincerity and meticulousness moved us, we believe that bringing Michelle’s amount of love and care into the services makes a huge difference in our seniors’ home care life.

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