The Melbar team is growing, and we have welcomed many new team members, one of which is our experienced and qualified clinical managers. Not only is she an accomplished registered nurse, but also comes with many years of experience in various aged care institutions.


Our clinical manager means that our clients will be provided with even more convenient at-home clinical assessment services and medical services . According to the needs of the clients, we will assess their health status with the help of our case managers, then develop a professional care plan. The clinical manager will also offer our case managers with more medical and clinical training in order to better guide them on helping clients, improving their environment and suggestions on useful equipment to improve their daily life.

Melbar clinical services includes RN assessment, professional health and medical services, such as speech therapy, podiatry, occupational or physical therapy services, as well as other clinical services, such as hearing and eye services. We will work with our clients to develop a care plan based on their medical assessment and needs. When their personal medical situation changes, our case manager and clinical manager will timely conduct a new medical assessment and a follow-up plan for them according to their situation, to provide the most appropriate and timely care and services.   

As the Melbar team continues to grow, we aim to provide the best quality of service to every client, bringing more practical and comprehensive support to our home care clients.

If you want to learn more about melbar medical assessments, clinical care and other services, please contact your case manager.


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