Our client portal, Conpago, is a digital platform for you to coordinate services and communicate with us on your smartphone/tablet. 

Your family and your representatives can also learn more about your home care via our client portal.

With our Client Portal, you can:

  • Access your monthly statements with no delays
  • Browse our newsletters and service updates
  • Message your Case Manager and the management team in real time
  • Give us Instant feedback about our services through “My Survey” feature
  • Make 1:1 video calls with our team as well as your family

How to apply for a Conpago Account?

If you haven’t got an account, please contact your case manager or call us on 02 9261 1636. We will register your information and send you the login details

How to open a family account?

Setting up a family account allows your family and your representative to access your service info and contact our team on their own devices. 

Alternatively, you can send us the designated email address of your family member or representative to your case manager or contact us via  02 9261 1636, we will open and link the family account for you. 

How to download?

iPhone users go to App Store, search “Conpago” and download; 

Android users go to Google Play, search “Conpago” and download.

At the moment, Conpago is only available on your smartphone or tablet.

You can use our client portal in both English and Chinese languages. We don’t charge you any extra fee for the client portal.

Please contact us if you need any help downloading or using our client portal. We will constantly provide you with necessary support alongside your family and your care workers.



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