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A New Start For Melbar's Clinical Services!

Melbar Home Care June 18, 2021

The Melbar team is growing, and we have welcomed many new team members, one of which is our experienced and qualified clinical managers.

5 Fall Prevention Tips

Melbar Home Care May 18, 2021

More than 95% of hip fractures are caused by falling, and falls are also the most common cause of traumatic brain injury.

RUDAS Dementia Assessment Service

Melbar Home Care April 30, 2021

According to a study done by the Australian Department of Health, seniors over 65 years old are at a high risk of suffering from dementia. Even though early detection of dementia is becoming more and more common, cultural and linguistic barriers make it particularly easy to misdiagnose early onset dementia for Australian seniors from multi-ethnic backgrounds.

Continuous Improvements Towards High-Quality Service

Melbar Home Care April 16, 2021

Melbar upgrades the equipment purchasing process, introduces a new digital management platform and attends forum for Dementia training.

Easter holiday arrangements and the Sydney Royal Easter Show

Melbar Home Care March 29, 2021

In Australia, all states have Easter as a public holiday and this year Easter holidays are from Friday (April 2) till Monday (April 5).

Managing Your Health Risks - Registered Nurse Assessment

Melbar Home Care March 22, 2021

In addition to the typical Melbar services we provide, professional care worker services and case management services, we can also provide you with professional registered nurse assessment.

Appreciation for the Women at Melbar - International Women's Day

Melbar Home Care March 4, 2021

March 8th is celebrated as International Women’s Day.Melbar as an organisation with over 150 female employees has been committed to respecting, recognising and caring for women.

Gratitude from Melbar Community

Melbar Home Care February 26, 2021

Since February, we have received more than 20 compliments from our clients.

Melbar Community Celebrating the LNY

Melbar Home Care February 19, 2021

In the past week, we received many photos from our community sharing their joyful moments celebrating the Lunar New Year!

Latest Training Update

Melbar Home Care February 15, 2021

The Melbar team is constantly working with experts in different fields. We do this through improving our knowledge and skills, to provide a better aged care service for the senior community.

Lunar New Year 2021 Greetings

Melbar Home Care February 11, 2021

We sincerely wish every member of the Melbar community and your loved ones health, happiness, safety and prosperity in the new year!

Special Services|Lunar New Year 2021

Melbar Home Care January 29, 2021

Have you thought about how to celebrate this Lunar New Year?Contact us to arrange services and plan ahead your service plan for this Lunar New Year,

Seasons' Greetings From Melbar

Melbar Home Care December 24, 2020

Greetings from our general manager and founder.

Care Together MELBAR 2020 Annual Awards Ceremony

Melbar Home Care December 21, 2020

After a series of fun activities both online and offline, Care Together MELBAR 2020 EOY Event came to an end in the Annual Awards Ceremony Live last Friday.

How we collect and process your feedback & suggestions

Melbar Home Care December 17, 2020

You, your family or your representative can send us feedback and suggestions through many different channels.

MELBAR Holiday Arrangements

Melbar Home Care December 16, 2020

Care Together MELBAR 2020 EOY Event

Melbar Home Care December 11, 2020

Care Together MELBAR 2020 EOY event is now in full swing! Let's find out what is happening in the team!


Melbar Home Care December 4, 2020

The end of the year is approaching, and we have listed some of the services you might need!

Connect with Family & Friends| EOY SERVICE CHECKLIST

Melbar Home Care November 20, 2020

The end of the year is approaching, and we have listed some of the services you might need!

Short Service | MELBAR Virtual Service

Melbar Home Care November 20, 2020

Shorter Time, Quicker Response to Your Immediate Needs!

Case Management Team Visits Home Care Equipment Supplier

Melbar Home Care November 16, 2020

On 10 October, our case management team went on a field trip to one of our long-term partnered equipment suppliers.

Essential Preparation| EOY SERVICE CHECKLIST

Melbar Home Care November 13, 2020

The end of the year is approaching, and we have listed some of the services you might need!

Use Your HCP Flexibly & Enjoy More Special Services!

Melbar Home Care November 6, 2020

When thinking of cancelling or adjusting your services at the end of the year, you can choose to arrange and organise your service hours flexibly and get more ad-hoc services to meet your needs!


Melbar Home Care October 26, 2020

Monday 26th October is the RSPCA Cupcake Day, an initiative by RSPCA Australia (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). This year, Melbar also joins to bake, fundraise for RSPCA and advocate against animal cruelty.

Got a Query? Speak to Our Senior Case Manager on Tuesday Hotline!

Melbar Home Care October 23, 2020

Our Tuesday Hotline has opened for over a month and we have received many calls from our clients and their families/representatives.

Set Up a Family Account on MELBAR Client Portal

Melbar Home Care October 23, 2020

Now your family members/representative can learn more about your home care with a Family Account on Conpago!

In-Home Respite Care|MELBAR

Melbar Home Care October 16, 2020

If you are a primary carer to a person who is on a home care package, Melbar is here to support you, the care recipient and your family.

1:1 Custom Online Learning via Melbar Virtual Service

Melbar Home Care September 30, 2020

Since Melbar launched our Virtual Service, many of our clients have received unique online learning experiences tailored to their needs...

Mid-Autumn Festival Greetings

Melbar Home Care September 29, 2020

We would like to wish you and your family a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Melbar Tuesday Hotline is Open!

Melbar Home Care September 3, 2020

Melbar Tuesday Hotline opens from Tuesday, 8th September!

Care On the 'Cloud' - MELBAR Virtual Service

Melbar Home Care August 28, 2020

We understand that COVID has concerned and hindered the community from accessing social support. In order to continuously address the needs of our community and allow more people to access our social support easily, we have moved our social support services on the ‘cloud’!

Melbar Granted Aged Care Workforce Retention Bonus

Melbar Home Care August 21, 2020

The purpose of this bonus grant is to encourage and subsidise aged care practitioners who continue to provide services on the front line during the pandemic (including home care workers and direct worke).

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"Since joining Melbar, I am confident about my future retirement"- Leo, Service Coordinator

Melbar Home Care March 10, 2021

"Since being at Melbar, I have developed a more comprehensive understanding on Australian welfare policies. I feel fulfilled seeing all the seniors that we have helped and I am confident about my future retirement. I believe that when I am older and need help, I will receive the same level of love and care.”

“Building a better bond between the Chinese Aged Community and the Australian Society ” —— Roni Ng, Case Manager

Melbar Home Care January 21, 2021

People at Melbar VOL. 4—— Roni Ng, Case Manager

People at Melbar - Fred Cloos, General Manager

Melbar Home Care November 5, 2020

People at Melbar VOL.3 —— Fred Cloos, General Manager

People at Melbar - Case Manager Wilson Huang

Melbar Home Care August 14, 2020

People at Melbar VOL.1 —— Case Manager Wilson Huang



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