Directly Employed by Melbar

Except for some third-party suppliers, all of our care workers are recruited and employed by Melbar. We also provide each of our care workers with WHS insurance. We can deliver long-term, stable and reliable services to you.


Diverse Skill Sets

Our care workers have diverse and distinct skill sets that can address your needs in many aspects – professional cleaning, diet of nutrition, interpreting,  gardening, counselling, government affair assistance, etc.


Home Care, 'Home Like'

We not only speak your languages (Mandarin, Cantonese, Shanghainese, Hokkien, Taiwanese, etc.) but also understand your appetite. Our care workers come from different backgrounds and they are experienced in replicating your hometown flavors. We help make your home care more ‘home-like’.

Care Worker of the Month

“The clients can see the effort we put in, and when I have services, I think of myself as their daughter and treat clients as if they were my parents. If you care and work from your heart, they will treat you like family. Sometimes, when the seniors struggle to communicate problems with their children, they come to me for help and ideas on how to better communicate. I feel extremely happy when they trust and ask me for advice. ”

Angell Chen 2021 Apr

"I think it takes a lot of love and patience to be a care worker. This career requires constant efforts, and you need to face different challenges along the way, but the job is so meaningful, taking care of the seniors so that they can live independently at home. I feel fulfilled and happy every day working as a care worker."

Baolin LI 2021 March

“I enjoy working in aged care - helping the seniors solve issues they may face. We get so much happiness from successfully overcoming every new challenge and problem. I have learned so much from developing and building these relationships as well"

Michelle Li 2021 February

Jiaping has two years of aged care experience. In terms of how to provide quality services to the community, he summarized his takeaways in 5 points – “Passion”, “Assiduousness”, “Patience”, “Keep learning” and “Practice”. Since joining Melbar, Jiaping has been highly cooperative with work arrangements, his working hours are of high standards. He has received many compliments and no complaints.

Jiaping Shen 2021 January

Aimee had the experience working as a flight attendant. “I think aged care is similar to other service industries, where care, patience, and sincerity are required. When delivering services to the seniors, I treat them as my family, I feel for them, and they will also respond with warmth and kindness. ”

Aimee Qi 2020 November

Jue joined Melbar as a care worker last year. Coming from a nursing background, her positive attitude and professional service have won kind words and compliments from many clients When delivering services, Jue also pays a lot of attention and efforts to seniors’ mental health.

Jue Yao 2020 October

Mandy entered the aged care industry not long ago but her skills and her work attitude have been appreciated by a lot of people. Wei, our Service Coordinator praises Mandy for always being ready to learn and active. She quickly adapted to the working environment and comprehended skills required. She is responsible and proactive and always keeps a good record of clients’ health conditions, which help us to establish sound health records for our clients .

Mandy Su 2020.September

Sunny Xu, coming from a nursing background, has been practicing her professionalism since she joined Melbar. She carefully listens to clients and records their health conditions in details when delivering services. Besides, she always has a heart large enough to think about the elder’s special needs and commits to give them the best care. Her responsiveness and outstanding work are well received by many clients.

Sunny Xu 2020.August

Alvin is a very considerate and responsible person. When clients need to buy electronic products, he will research shops around and their business hours. He will also study the specs of products from different brands and provide clients with constructive advice. Always being proactive, he is highly praised by many of our clients.

Alvin Chen 2020.July

Jin always puts herself into others’ shoes and helps with the true needs of the seniors. One of our clients bought a mobility scooter but was not able to understand the manual in English. Jin used her spare time to translate the manual and printed a Chinese version out for the client. During the lockdown, Jin helped the seniors to download music online so that they could sing Karaoke at home.

Jin Gao 2020.June

Mei overcame the difficulty of driving and stuck to her post during lock-down. Her services were well-received amongst clients. Mei’s attitude and practice of hygiene were also acknowledged by many during this unprecedented time.

Mei Xue 2020.May

If you are a qualified and exprienced care worker and are interested in joining us, please contact us via hr@melbar.com.au



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