Extended Government Funding for Dementia Programs

To provide more support and care to people living with dementia and their family, dementia training, education and support will get a $44 million boost provided by the government. This funding will extend national programs provided by Dementia Training Australia and Dementia Support Australia for another year.

In-Home Respite Care|MELBAR

If you are a primary carer to a person who is on a home care package, Melbar is here to support you, the care recipient and your family.

MELBAR 居家临时看护服务

您可以通过长者或者您自己的居家养老套餐获取居家临时看护服务(In-Home Respite Care), 帮助您或者家中的主要看护人从看护职责中暂时抽身出来,放个假,充会儿电。